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Create and Manage Car Dealer Website

Use the menus on this page to manage your car dealer website content and special offers as well as submit secure payments for your car dealer website. If you are new to, please complete a quick registration process to set up an account with us. It is free and takes only a few minutes. Once your account is set up, you can go ahead and create your FREE trial car dealer website.

Create Car Dealer Website

Click the “Create Website” link on the left-hand side and follow a few easy steps to create your FREE trial car dealer website. During this process, you will choose the temporary URL to be able to browse and test your dealer website immediately. The trial auto dealer website is identical to the production website, with two exceptions: the Craigslist/EBay posting tool is not active and the website is hosted under the temporary URL instead of a real domain name. Use the temporary URL to evaluate your auto dealer website for up to 30 days. If you already own a domain name, we can set up your production website under your domain and you can still continue with your 30-day free trial. We can also register the domain of your choice for you (provided that the domain is available) free of charge for life after we receive the first monthly payment for your dealer website.

Manage Website Content

We have developed the most integrated and customizable car dealer website platform in the industry. Virtually nothing is “hardcoded” into the website. You can manage the content of any of your pages 24/7 by using different menus under the Edit Website link on the left-hand side of the page. You can upload pictures and add a large amount of text content to the home page and menu pages. You can choose from a variety of standard menu pages. You can rotate news and advertisements. You can advertise your own special offers and services as well as set up advertisement banners with links to third-party websites. You can choose online forms to display on your website. You can update your business hours and contact information at any time—and much, much more. As you will learn, managing your website content is easy and straightforward.

Website Customizations

We understand and expect that you may want to make changes to the dealer website template that you choose. Indeed, we have done this for most our customers, and 99% of the time we can do it for free. Some examples of free changes we have made for our customers include integrating the spare parts/accessories store, incorporating an interactive testimonials page, developing social media integration, and providing different button/link choices. If you require major modifications to your car dealer website template, we will be happy to negotiate a small one-time development fee; your monthly rate will remain unchanged. As you will learn, our dealer websites are so flexible and customizable that it is highly unlikely that major modifications are required.

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