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Third Party Inventory Feeds can feed your inventory to any third party. In most cases, your customers will first discover your vehicles and review the specifications and photos on third-party automotive classified websites before visiting your online dealership. Websites like,,,,, etc. are among largest automotive classifieds in the U.S. Thousands of people search their online inventories daily. Most major paid classified websites accept automatic inventory feeds from approved third-party data providers.

We can feed your inventory daily into your own,,, etc. accounts. After setup, the inventory feeds will be automatic. There is nothing you need to do; we will take care of everything for you. This is a FREE service for our customers and comes standard with all our car dealer websites. and will also feed your inventory to other major automotive classified websites such Kelly Blue Book, MSN Autos, etc. greatly increasing the chance of generating more leads.

Most classified websites process all feed files once or twice a day. Therefore, there is no benefit from feeding the inventory more frequently. On the other hand, does require feeds to be submitted at least 3 times a week. By using our automated service, you will not need to worry about these scheduling details. We will also validate all data before each feed to make sure that your data is in compliance with different policies and requirements. The data is checked for required parameters, format, length, etc. We will promptly email you a detailed report in case of any identified problems.

Many classified websites do not allow submission of multiple “physical” photos. In order to submit multiple photos, they must be hosted on a third-party server and submitted via URLs. It is not a problem since you host your vehicle photos with us. We can submit up to 20 pictures for each vehicle.

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