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Craigslist Ad Maker

Craigslist will no longer allow using externally hosted images, URL links, or any kind of formatting in For-Sale ads. Externally hosted images are images not hosted by Craigslist and are instead hosted by third parties (like us, for example). The only way to display images now on Craigslist is to upload up to 8 pictures manually via the Craigslist picture upload tool.

The new rule affects all companies (not just us) who used to offer automated Craigslist posting tools that automatically displayed all pictures. To adapt to this new rule and continue offering fast and efficient way to post on Craigslist, we had to make some changes to our Craigslist posting software.

This is how our system now works. As before, you can generate a complete ad for any of your cars via a single button click. Your new ad will consist of two parts. The first part generates Vehicle Description Text. You copy and paste Vehicle Description Text into the Craigslist ad description field. The second part lets you download a complete Image Ad and save it on your PC. Then you simply upload the Image Ad to Craigslist via the Craigslist picture upload tool.

This new Image Ad will have a picture of your car, list of features, your complete contact information, etc. The whole process takes less than 1 minute (we have tested it repeatedly). You can generate your Image Ad in 3 different styles as shown below.

Craiglist Layouts

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