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Car Dealer Websites Reseller Program

Car Dealer Websites Reseller Program

A Full-Featured Website For Less Money. We sell an integrated services platform, a complete turn-key solution that includes a car dealer website, posting tools, inventory feeds, online forms, secure finance application, 24/7 cars and content management tools. Our customers can try our website service free for 30 days via a temporary URL web address. Our services include web hosting and website maintenance. We can host car dealer websites under any domain name. We offer free domain names for life or we can use our customers’ existing website domain names.

After quick and easy registration, our customers can create a free trial website and get assigned a temporary address to browse the website immediately. works as a control panel where our customers can login anytime and add/edit cars, website content, manage accounts, etc. Our services cost $24.95 per month to resellers with no setup or hidden fees. We offer the same or better websites, features, and services than our competitors who charge $60 to $100 per month. That is why you can resell our website services and make a profit.

Why We Are Looking For Resellers

Resellers are the only way for us to efficiently reach many of our potential customers. Our average customers are medium to small size used cars dealerships, some of whom have 100+ cars in their inventory and others have only 5 cars in stock. Many of our potential customers are still low-tech in regards to computers, Internet, websites, etc. They would like to have a website, but they are convinced that websites are expensive and complicated and they would not be able to afford or manage one.

The sales approach that works is to actually meet them in person for about 20 – 30 minutes and demonstrate how easy it is to maintain an affordable, full-featured car dealer website. Depending on where you live, there could be hundreds of used car dealerships within a 100 miles radius in your area.

This is what we recommend to our resellers. Visit dealerships in your area. Talk to the owners. Offer our services as your own product. In most cases, people who don’t have a website will be blown away with how easy and affordable it is to have one. In some cases, you will find that people with websites may be paying way more than your price and you can convince them to switch under the same domain name and save money. Read the next sections that explain in detail how our reseller program works.

How Our Reseller Program Works

We give you a set of tools (as described below) to help you demonstrate and sell our product as your own. These tools have no specific reference anywhere to our website. We will never communicate with your customers under any circumstances. Your customers will not know that we support you. How much you sell our products for is entirely up to you. We do not need to know that. You are running your own business. You bill your customers directly and we bill you once a month for $24.95 times the number of active websites after any 30-day free trials. We are flexible and will work with you. If your customer didn’t pay you and then canceled, we will not bill you either. We want you to succeed and grow your business – this will benefit both of our companies.

Setting Up A Reseller Account

The first step is simply to register with and create an account. If you become a reseller, your Username with us must end with a letter. After registration, let us know that you would like to be a Reseller and we will get you set up in our system. At this point, there is no obligation on your part as you learn more about our reseller program.

Managing Your Customer Accounts

You will be creating your customer accounts at Your customer Usernames must be your Username with three digits at the end (for example, YourUsername001, YourUsername002). What digits you use or the sequential order is not important. You will also assign initial passwords for each of your customer accounts. Your customers will be able to change their own passwords after that.

Your customers will need their accounts to be able to login and manage cars and website content. Your customers will do it at (instead of is a control panel portal and has no visible reference to in any way. allows managing vehicle inventory, using posting tools, printing window stickers and a buyer’s guide, managing website content, managing the dealer account (changing initial password, for example), etc. – it offers the same set of management features as

Showing Our Website Examples

When you meet with your prospective customers, you can demonstrate all available website designs using this URL address: that shows the same designs as you see on Each sample design works as a complete website. Use as a sales tool for your prospects to choose the design for their future website and to show them how the websites work. Once a design is selected, you can next create a free trial website for your potential customer.

Creating A Free Trial Website

First set up an account for your customer at following the Username guidelines. Then create a free trial website for your customer at using the site design that your customer selected. Our system will recognize (based on your customer’s Username) that the future website is associated with your Reseller account and will automatically create the customer’s free trial website under the domain (instead of You will then email the trial website temporary URL address to your customer along with his/her Username and initial password to login and manage the trial website at In other words, the customer trial website is actually physically separate but will look and act like the production website.

Establishing An Account Email Address

It is an important topic to cover. You will need a valid email address to activate each account. It is not a problem when you create your own account, but you will also need valid email accounts when creating your customer accounts. The email account is important because all online forms filled out on the customer’s website are sent to the account email address. Once an account is created, your customer can later change the email account and initial password at So you will need to set up one or two additional email accounts for this purpose before customers later change them. You can create free Google email accounts ( for yourself; or you can setup your own car dealer website for demonstration purposes under your own domain name and we will create a few email accounts under your domain for you.

Creating The Production Website

After the successful trial, let us know what domain name your customer would like to have and we will set up the production website (provided that domain name is available). You can register a domain name, or we can register one free of charge for life, or you can use your customer’s existing domain name – it is your choice. Your customers will manage their production websites the same way as they manage the trial websites via the control panel. If for some reason the customer decides not to proceed, let us know that as well and we will shut down the trial website.

Get Familiar With Our Products - Give It A Try!

Simply register with us and create a trial website to see how everything works and how easy it is to manage cars and website content, post on Craigslist and eBay, manage an account, etc. It should only take you a couple of hours to learn how our product works and what it can do. Learn and see how you can grow your own business. We will help you as much as we can. Talk to car dealers in your area. Chances are very good that you have an opportunity for stable income that grows every month.

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